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Dr. Eyal Policar

Head of Board of Directors

In 1989, Eyal, together with his wife Leora, established a farm specializing in the growing and exporting of specialty cut flowers to the EU market. They also established and sold many other flower growers’ products on-line, at a time when on-line sales were still relatively unheard of. They sold the flower business and moved on to growing dates. In 2017, Eyal received his Doctorate (DBA), in International Business specializing in leading innovation and change. Today Eyal teaches at AICAT (Arava International Center for Agricultural Training), helping to educate more than 1,000 students every year from developing countries.

The Policar family lives in Moshav Zofar. As a result of their years of involvement and activity, the Policars are perceived by many as leaders of innovation in the  agribusiness industry.

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